Dear Lord

by Sexual hysterias   Mar 21, 2008

I have a burden that shouldn't be carried
Through all the sorrow and all the tears,
those meaningful memories cannot be buried

I would like a plan to pull me through
But with everything else that is fallen upon me ;
I have no choice but to leave it to you

My life was a blessing, right from the start
My family and friends are the best of all
But there's still that one person I cannot see part

I want to continue living my life
As if my soul was not shattered and
My heart was still naive to such strife

If everything were up to me
I would never have changed
Or given up so much of my glee

I promised myself I would have never done such things
Like give up my friends, or let him think he was in control
I lied to myself and now I'm hanging on the thinnest of strings

They say that everything happens for a reason,
That everyone has to overcome the storm to get to the light
But why through life, must we face such treason?

Why cant any of the things that make us happy
Ever last as long as we'd want them to
Why are they always nothing but temporary

There was one person that I really did love
I gave up everything and ended up with nothing
To me, he was amazing, there was no one above

So if it's true, and there really is a reason for everything Lord
please tell me why it had to end
Was he totally oblivious to being so adored

Or was I the oblivious one
Did he really love me too, or
Was it all a lie to tear me undone

Lord, in the end, I just want to know
Will it always be this hard
Or will it soon disappear and never again show

I trust you as my guiding light
That you will relieve me from this stress I bare
My broken heart, for now, is greatly in sight

Because I loved him once, I loved him twice
But in the end, I realize now,
Because of you, my heart will be healed in a trice


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