Bridges to Tunnels

by Sexual hysterias   Nov 4, 2011

NOTE*** Written to bring awareness to the dying, homeless, starving children in the world. Be thankful for what you have, and give generously to those who haven't.

Bridges to tunnels,
This isn't a home.

Who is this man, mommy
why is he here?
Why are you crying, mommy
I'm right here

Banks and bills,
I heard your tone
eviction, mommy,
where is our home?

No money, no hope, mommy
that's no way to live
gun to your head, mommy,
why did you go?

Bridges to tunnels,
where do I go?
Where do I go, mommy,
where do I go?

So many people, mommy,
but I feel so alone

What happened to our house, mommy?
Where did it go?
Remember my bed, mommy?
Where did it go?

Bridges to tunnels, mommy,
this isn't a home
I feel so unsafe, mommy,
where did you go?

I'm all alone in this world, mommy,
where did you go?

I see all this food, mommy
but mine is not here
I'm so hungry mommy,
where did it go?

I feel so scared, mommy,
I'm six years old
Why did you leave, mommy
where did you go?

I'm getting really cold, mommy
it's raining tonight
where did you go, mommy?
just come hold me tight
Just like you used to, mommy,
where did you go?

This ground is hard, mommy,
where is my bed?
My clothes are so wet, mommy,
you left me unfed

Mommy, where are you?
I feel so alone
this nice lady gave me money, mommy
but away it has flown

Where am I now, mommy?
I really don't know
I thought you loved me, mommy
but now I don't know..

My belly's empty, mommy
I can hardly even stand
I found some bread in the trash, mommy
so, I eagerly fed

Are you mad at me, mommy?
You told me not to steal
But, I was really hungry, mommy
you left me to deal

No house, mommy
no bed for dreams
No food, no home, mommy
where did you go?

Bridges to tunnels, mommy
This isn't a home.
I'm getting weak, mommy
Nowhere to go..


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  • 8 years ago

    by Innocent Fairy

    Awww ur very caring,,,I want to get a job so I may donate to them,,,a fantastic sad wonderful amazing poem 5/5