When will we be deserving

by jordynn   Mar 24, 2008

All these tears all these fears always running from myself. what is real what, can i really feel, always testing always messing with the walls that are this reality I fear

Is it true is it new what can i really trust myself to do. This delusion this illusion how long will it last, how long will i last living this lie of a life this is all that exists this sickness its all that exists, burning every organ losing all my thoughts

What is real what is it that i should feel this cant be it, this cant be the last time this cant be the day i die.

There Has To Be More To Life Than This.

how long will it last, do we really die that fast. why do we cry why do we die, why cant i stop crying anymore, what reasons are really left for me.

They think they're punishments will break me truth be told I'm already broken, all i do is crack and crumble under the pressure surrounding me.

You Must Succeed.
Its drilled into our minds since birth. Succeed or die? What about those of us that are doomed to failure, there is no success for us, but when does death approach?

we'll sit and wait in the cold in the dark, with our bleeding hearts and all our special pills, every time we let it approach us, you pull it away you push it back into the ground, giving us revival giving us hope, hope to succeed. and then what? you sit there and tell us all how we've failed you, how much of us disgrace we are to the world. How we don't deserve to live.
and yet you wont let us die

When Will We Be Deserving


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