Love is the most dangerous of things.

by jordynn   Mar 24, 2008

Happiness is just a lie, they say you can find it inside.
Inside the love that you feel, is that love really real?

He screams and threatens, says your lucky to be here, inside he knows that you'll never leave here.

Battered and broken you'll crawl back to him, back to the bed that he broke you in.

always wishing that maybe he'll take you out one night, maybe just for once he might treat you right.

You see him look at her, and you hate her inside, but maybe its just because he didn't look at you that night.

Tired and broken, you fall asleep. only to be awoken by the strangest of dreams, but these aren't just dreams anymore, all you ever hear are his screams.

Love is the most Dangerous of things.


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