Is This Love or Is This Sorrow?

by Wake   May 8, 2008

Its so alone, I miss your grace now,
This house is not a home
hard to believe now that you're gone.
..And somehow,
..I Miss your face against mine
..and our fingers entwined, never letting go.

It seems the wind, forgot to breathe,
But when i sit alone
it slowly whispers me.

December falls, and you're still away
That bench below the tree
is where I'll always be,
..Covered in snow,
..But warm with memories of all the things
..of all the broken wings you took from me.

It seems the mignight skies, have a secret to keep.
Sometimes i think i hear you call
but i find myself in sleep.

..Is this love or Is this sorrow?..
..Bleeding every broken morrow..
..And I always will..And I always will..

Written by Wake


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