Paper Thin (Maria's Story)

by Simply Rachel   May 13, 2008

You look at her and see perfection
A gorgeous girl and she's heading in the right direction.
But now Maria's in her school's bathroom, crying.
She's sick of all the pressure, she hates trying.

She tries to keep her head cheerleader status.
And she hates wearing her boyfriend's varsity jackets.
She takes some tissue, she thinks of how it's paper thin.
Maria wipes off her running eyeliner and throws it in the trash bin.

Paper thin~she thinks about that word.
It's perfect to describe her very own world.
First it's all her money, that's definitely paper thin,
It buys her hair, clothes, & make-up which gets just the right attention.

What about her friends? they lie cheat & steal from her.
She'd never admit it but deep down she knows they all really hate her.
And her boyfriend, there's no love there, it's nothing but a lie.
If it wasn't for her grades & cheer-leading he'd drop her like a fly.

Then a girl walks in, what Maria wouldn't give to be her.
While she pretends to be fixing her make-up Maria's really looking at her.
She's dressed in all black, but doesn't have a care in the world.
If her "friends" were to describe her, weird would be their word.

The girl leaves, Maria continues crying.
What she wouldn't give for her father to let her stop trying.
And this is when Maria decides to do what she wants, Music.
No more lies, fakes and boring magazines with a beauty topic.

Who cares what people think anymore? She cant wait to begin to play the saxophone.
To spend hours learning about the right notes, perfect pitch and tone.
And she leaves the bathroom, throwing her final tissue in the trash bin.
No more fake boyfriend, lying friends. And no longer would her life be paper thin.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Lemon Square Bear23

    OMW that was truly amazing and deffinitly described todays life. that happends all the time... the "losers" wanna be the "jocks" and the "jocks" wanna be the " losers". very good poem it was set in a very overwhelming expression!!! keep it up!
    5/5 always

  • 11 years ago

    by Kevin

    Very nice, and set in todays world.