How do i love you?

by Bree   Jul 2, 2008

I lay here alone in the dark,
Remembering how i felt at the start,
The time when i was happy,
The time before you ripped out my heart,

I smell your clothes,
Must've rubbed off in my sheets,
And when i try to close my eyes,
I still picture you holding me,

I get tingles in my chest,
I breath in and feel my whole body sink,
The tears sting beneath my eyelids,
As i lay here tonight and think,

My body goes numb away goes the pain,
My arms are cold as goosebumps appear,
Tonight i cannot sleep,
Without wishing that you were here,

My heart is yearning unbarebly,
Tears stream my cheeks tonight,
I hold myself just as you would,
Just wishing everything was alright,

And i wonder what your doing,
Are you thinking of me too?
Didn't think i'd ever feel this way,
When im the one that broke up with you,

Why did you cheat?
Don't you still love me at all?
All those times you said you did,
Did you think about the pain you'd cause?

You dug your nails razerblade sharp right into my chest,
You ruthlessly dug and dug and tore out my heart,
Chucked everything right back in the hole,
Then viciously ripped it all back apart,

Now im laying here tossing and turning,
Not knowing what to do!
Im bleeding, it aches,
How on earth do i love you?


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by XxBrokenInsidexX

    I can really relate to this...
    the emotion in this poem was so strong
    ...I felt the pain..i was reminded of my own actually
    This was beautifull (:

  • 12 years ago

    by Ashley

    Very well written..i loved it <3