by Joshua Lee   Jul 11, 2008

Like crystal fragments in the mind

shimmering glitterdust

glimmering and reflecting light

so sparkling and pretty

mystically enchanting

catching your attention

wrapping your focus

on a little something

an almost nothing

such a simple thing it is

a memory

Like glass shards protruding

silver needles needling

bleeding through the skin

threading patterns in and out

weaving bloodied

thorny wires

stitching flesh together

catching your eye

snatching it out

as you flail about

without a doubt

a memory

inside the brain

lies a little room

that holds within it

a thousand brooms

that sweep all day

cleaning through the night

all the scattered pieces

that are no longer bright

dusted into a hole

they gather the shards

as they start to collect

recalling them is hard

so we learn to forget

leave them to lie

and disappear

with the passing of time

but even as we lose

the little pieces of our mind

we find fitting replacements

almost all the time

finely chiseled diamonds

are etched into our skulls

embroidering our conscience

until we are mentally full

such a thing a memory is

that it never stays forever

that makes us flawed in many ways

yet makes our days much better


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  • 11 years ago

    by Frozen hearT

    Nicely written.......
    amazing poem....
    gd work.