Circle of make believe

by TotaMariee   Jul 22, 2008

Pointless words put together
Words will do nothing
Because you don't care anymore
And leave me on my bed of razors

Deaths now surrounding me
How can I ignore it?
Theres a devil inside of me
That wanted to press down to hard
And let me bleed forever

So as I take a sip from my cup
My mind races to decide
Do I go or do I stay
Or is there any other way?

Or maybe I should just go back
To the shallow life I came from
Shrivel back up into my corner
And stay there until I die

You say I'm so depressed
That you don't wanna be that way
Cant you be happy Ive found love?
Cos I'm in love with my sadness

Don't you think that I know danger?
That I haven't seen or herd a curse
But still its something I must do
I'm not unique in this
I know how to hide from the world
And all the horror that surrounds it
So please just leave me be
In my circle of make believe


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  • 11 years ago

    by Marie

    I also have a circle of make believe.. love this