A fisherman

by kristen   Aug 14, 2008

A fisherman.

I am a fisherman with a taste of greed.

I sail my ship, eat, and drink.

I boss my crew and take the lead,

Should I ever fail.. my ship would sink.

I am a fisherman with a hunger for gold.

I look for treasure, steal it, and go.

I do not fear dangers for I am bold.

Should I ever fail..I'll be defeated by my foe.

I am a fisherman with a tongue of lies.

I tell them stories, deceive them, and deny.

I intimidate my men and laugh at their cries.

Should I ever fail..I'll be surprised.

I am a fisherman in a very tight spot.

I gambled my life, got caught, and thought.

I think I'm in trouble and in alot.

Should I ever fail..my life cannot be bought.

I am a fisherman , a pirate , a liar , full of greed...

I am a thief, a gambler , a drunk , lost at sea...

I am all these things, but someone comes to rescue me.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Ixora

    This is a very good an well-thought out poem. It's very symbolic i like it very much.