A man

by kristen   Aug 14, 2008

There's a man I see among the back round of everybody's minds. This man walks around us everyday looking for something..He doesn't know what it is yet , so he keeps trying new things. Sometimes he chooses the most joyful things in the world, but other times..He picks destruction..The man wears a tattered coat and a faded black hat. His hair is overgrown and he really could use a bath. There have been times I've seen him out in the cold winter in the middle of a dreary rain. Other times it's the middle of summer during the hottest of the day. The man so often sits alone..And he looks for things he cannot find. With no home or family..no job or friends..He doesn't really know what to do but just pass through..I've seen him go from town to town..walk into dark alley ways and make it out to the other side. Sometimes I've seen people beat him up and leave him to cry..I never did go help him up or brush him off..I never gave him a happy meal when I noticed he had nothing to eat. During winter days I never gave him my old coat..I figured that tattered one would work..I never stopped to greet him hello.. Never gave him a hug or maybe just a hand to hold. I didn't want to associate with the man on the street. So all this time I ignored the man that I never see. He's in the back round of my mind but he's not important enough for me to meet. But the man today..I see him looking at me..with a look in his eyes he searched for something . He needed things that I could have gave..He searched my heart and now I'm afraid..Because when this man was hungry so was another..I never fed the first so I didn't feed the other. I never became his friend so I rejected his father. I could have given him a coat but instead I left them both to suffer. I never helped him up when he was down and crying, Because I chose not to see the man..The man didn't see me. now I'm the one who's in true poverty.


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