by 2weak2smile   Aug 18, 2008

The ghosts of times gone by,
Just crumble away behind me,
The faces fade into the darkened mist,
I am left here cold, and on my own.

Alone and scared of whats to come,
The future too dark and too far away,
To grasp with my hands, I can not,
Rose coloured glasses out of focus and cracked.

I try to see the bright side of this,
But, its eclipsed by failure,
Hidden behind pain, obscured by guilt,
In eternal darkness clawing the ground for comfort.

There seems to be no safety,
No where in here to hide from the beast,
The one in my dreams, the one in the corner of my eye,
It seemed so far.... but now, feels so near.

Tortured by regretful memories,
Caught in the twisting of the vines,
Bound by what could have been,
Sickened by what is left of me........


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