by 2weak2smile   Jun 28, 2008

The dusty remains of love once found,
Now just a hardened black fossil,
In the sands of lifes hour glass,
I sit trying to remember as the days pass.

Too much water has passed through this bridge,
To be how it once was, I wish upon a shooting star,
That burns to nothing in the winter sky,
As the night turns to day, I cant help but wonder why.

The emptiness of the rum bottle,
Represents my hardened heart,
As another years sands falls through,
I wonder if my stars wish, will come true.

That year is all but gone,
Still my heart hard and cold,
With every beats loosing hope,
Without this love will I ever cope?

The burnt out star I wished upon,
That crashed and burned, in the cold,
That once shone so bright and so proud,
Took with it my wish, leaving this thunderous cloud.

No longer I believe in true love,
Or maybe its that, Im just not wanting,
Too much heart ache, too many tears,
Here without love, no heartbreak, no fears.

Although my heart no longer believes in true love,
Every so often it beats and believes,
But, then remembers the hurt once felt,
And up comes the wall, as soon as loves dealt.

I know there are many who love and who care,
But still I wait, for the star to come through,
So I guess till then this way it will be,
No love from me, but forever pain free.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Aussie

    Nicely wretten. i lov the ending:)

  • 12 years ago

    by ForbiddenSnowflake

    I can feel the pain in this poem and I understand the emotion in your writing. I have been through the heartache and I also turned to alcohol but maybe one day you'll feel different and I hopefully I will too. I am also questioning whether "love" is worth it! Good work!