by Shellaine shelli   Sep 3, 2008

Now you're gone and oh
how I miss you so
but seeing me in sadness
kept your soul
banned to a purgatory of torture.

I'm missing you more each
and every day
wishing you were still here
to take my pain away.

But now I know that you are gone
and i can't call you when things go
wrong, I cant call you to hear my
bands new song.

I wrote it and dedicated it to you
its a song expressing my love and
appreciation towards you.
You have always been there.

You always managed to take
anger and take away my hurt
my darling Brett
your death was something you
did not deserve.

You suffered so silently
and left the world to be oblivious
to your pain,
denying all emotions
and hiding all your toxic potions....
Drugs are what destroyed you
they were your way out...

When you couldn't cope you turned
to the substance
that robbed you of so much
but at the time you took it,
it gave you an incredible rush
and helped you to seclude
your pain, temporarily blocking it off
since it couldn't just be erased.

You stayed strong
and were always there for me
and I want you to know you will
be missed greatly.
But no matter how far you go
you will always be in my heart
and i will forever be with you
when looking up at the stars.

My darling Brett I got 4 music notes tattood
on my wrists just for you
they go around my butterflies as a message of hope
and each time i look
at them i think of how you always helped me cope.

You chose to be stoic
and always suffered in silence never
showing your self inflicted violence.
You fought a war of which you could no longer fight,
it was the war... the war of your life...

You were here today and gone
tomorrow so i wrote a song
called my drowning sorrow,
its all about you and how you came and went
but on my life you have made such a huge impact.

Despite the fact you
couldn't hold on for your life
i know if it were up to you,
you'd make every wrong right
you'd stay strong when
I am weak and just say the words i couldn't speak.

With that I will say good bye but will
see you later when I look up at the stars tonight,
you fought for so long and just couldn't fight anymore
but my darling Brett
I will love you forever more.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    Hi Shellaine wow what a beautiful tribute to your brother,it was extremely sad almost an outcry and i'm sure you wont be looking far to find your beloved Bro, i think he is close at hand close to you and always will be, he will be so happy to know how much he was loved well done honey i hope you are feeling a little better, it will be a long hard road but think on the good times with him


  • 11 years ago

    by Finalgravedigger

    OMG that was so sad. It had alot of emotions and it was truly great. im really sorry if this poem is true. nice write maybe u can read one of mine.

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