Past Time

by angeL   Feb 26, 2003

Please treat me right
You’ve hurt me for a thousand times already
If you don’t want me, then go
I won’t stop you
I really don’t have the right
Why do you have to make me believe
That something good can still happen?
Then the moment I start believing you,
You wake me up and tell me
That it’s just a dream
When will you stop?
When will you stop hurting me?
I’m sick and tired of all your lies
You can’t even tell me that you love me
Maybe sometimes you do
But when I look into your eyes
I see a different reflection
A reflection of the woman you really love
What’s wrong with me?
Is the love I’m giving you not enough?
Tell me!! I can’t read your mind
I’m not a fortune-teller either
If I am, I won’t be in this situation
I won’t be in such pain
I am having fun with my life already
Then, here you are again
Barging into my life
Asking for another chance
The moment you knew
That I still have these feelings for you
You disappeared
I thought you’re going to take care of me this time
Now I get it
It’s just another lie
Another game of yours
Well, I guess that’s just what I am to you
Someone whom you could play with
When she is not around
Your game….a simple past time


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