My Life and My Everything

by angeL   Jan 21, 2005

Promises, hearts
Were left broken
Tears, once again
Wet my cheeks

Your coming was unexpected
Same with you leaving me
You took me by surprise
And left me with nothing

I understand why you had to
It’s just so painful
I have to face it all alone
I can’t find you anywhere near

My world stopped
In one snap, everything’s gone
It’s like being blind
A world full of darkness

Still waiting for you
To calm the storm you created
Don’t give up on me like this
Have faith, we can make through it

Close your eyes and hold my hand
Have no fears, have no doubts
I’ll never let go of you
Trust me, I’ll be there for you

I can take all the pain
I can take all the hurt
What I can’t take is
Waking up, knowing you’re gone

Remember the dreams we created
Feel the love we had or still have
Look at me,
The girl who gave you her world

I’m still here
At the place where you left me
Still waiting for you,
My life and my everything.


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