by angeL   Feb 26, 2003

You said that you love me
I believed you and I fell for you
We had good times together
How I love the way you put me into your arms
How your hand fits into mine
How the world seem so perfect when I’m with you
How you smile at me when you did something wrong
I love everything about you
You gave me a glimpse of what heaven is

But like every story
There should be an ending
Unfortunately for me
It wasn’t the ending I wished for
I fought for our love
I tried to win you back
I did everything for you to stay
But I lost

Here I am
Standing and watching as the sunsets
It’s like my hope of having you here with me
Slowly dying
A feeling of emptiness
A feeling of pain
A feeling of being alone
My eyes starts to water
In that moment I realized
It’s the feeling of…goodbye


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