Essence of hate

by Shellaine shelli   Sep 16, 2008

He gently caressed her,
embracing her in his arms
it felt so real,
it felt so true
if only his innocent victim knew.

He brought his arm to her hip...
he claims his hand accidentally "slipped"
she was so enticed in the love
she thought was true,
she just didn't realize the evil he would do.

Pressing soft kisses upon her head,
who knew their "love" would lead
to her death.
kissing her crimson red lips
all she tasted was the bitterness
of blood,
yet she remained oblivious as she loved him
so much.

She felt his breath
on her soft pale neck,
suddenly sinking his fangs deep with in,
oh what an immortal sin.
As this occurred time seemed to stop
as the girl turned into a corpse,
dying from the inside
only now realizing how he had lied.

His love was never true,
she was just a victim
of which he had to use, he didn't
ever love her, he just needed her blood.
if only the girl could see the power of true love.

This was the night he took her away,
took her to a world,
a new place
and made her experience the essence
of hate...


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Sora Lynn

    A very deep piece. i loved how different emotions were expressed. and the form of the poem was unique. also the theme of it all was quite creative. you can really catch a reader's attention, and make your words come to life. loved it all. job well done. 5/5.


  • 11 years ago

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    HUllo there , well ok this poem was different i t flowed quite well and i liked the theme of the poem


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