My suicide

by Shellaine shelli   Sep 16, 2008

I'm living on shattered faith,
I am living on a mind been raped
a heart been seduced by hate
and a soul given in to this deadly fate.

I had a dream of what could have been perfect,
but now I find myself crying
and feeling worthless.

It's a war I just cant win, the battle
was to hard so I just gave in.
The blood I bled for you
has all dried, been evaporated
by the tears I've cried.

If only I could let love
prevail over hate,
if only i could regain my tainted faith.
I see your face and just don't understand why,
why do I care when you simply lied.
breaking my heart
in a time I needed you the most.

I seek freedom,
I seek meaning, I cant take this...
all of this bleeding.
Just because I said I am okay, doesn't
mean I spoke the truth
but that is something i just wish you knew.

If only you could understand the true pain I face
but now you have turned into
the one which I hate.

No body deserves my tears
and the person who does would never make
me cry...
if only I didn't believe your treacherous lies.

I just keep hoping in time
all this pain can be buried
and you can see my true feelings and allow me to tell
you how i feel.
I just cant survive alone,
i say i can survive but i just can not cope.

I spilled my heart out to you,
giving you the key
but yet you got under my skin
and stabbed you dagger deep with in,
tearing my heart
an ripping it out...
its me who's dying tonight.

You cut me deep and broke my heart
but it's because of your actions
that it is time for me to depart this life
and find my calling
in my suicide...


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  • 11 years ago

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    Man Shellaine this is a seriously sad and moving poem girl, i hope its not a true reflection of your feelings? This poem seems more like a cry for help than anything else. Are you ok girl??


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