Walking in Circles

by The Angel of Secrets   Sep 23, 2008

I can see you walking inside a cold city,
Tossing your scarf across your throat.
I'll shut my mouth, you don't want my pity,
While you walk, hugging yourself inside your coat.

I can see the darkness roam around your naked trace,
You don't really know me, but I'm still watching over you.
I see the invisible tears fall gently across your face,
And I see the meaning beneath your lies, words untrue.

I can see you want to keep me around, knowing you haven't been a great friend,
But I never really cared about that, it's you I care for.
And I saw you hide your pain when I said my life was going to end,
And you looked at me as you'd never looked before.

I can see you walking in circles inside you mind,
I don't think you see how much I actually understood.
You never said thank you, but you cherished me being kind,
Cause when people left, there I patiently stood.

I can see you caught inside your own pathetic existence,
If you felt you could, you would have left years ago.
You always keep me on the outside, to a certain distance,
But friend, I see more than you will ever know.


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Natures Calling

    Awesome write. its so breathtaking. its kinda reminds me of some people i know. keep up the awesome work. i'll be looking forward to more of your poems


  • 13 years ago

    by HvN

    Wow... once again you've got me breathless reading each word until it's deeply embedded within my mind. you have such a way with words ... it's amazing.