Hello teddy

by resisting reason   Sep 25, 2008

There once was a little girl
Who always carried a teddy bear
And she promised him
That she'd always be there

She'd take him to bed
And cuddle him tight
And before she fell asleep
She'd kiss him goodnight

When she wakes up in the morning
All comfortable and snug
"Did you Sleep well teddy?"
And then she'd give him a hug

Until one day
Her mother came home
With a brand new toy
And teddy was left alone

And he was sad
Because he was traded in
She didn't forget
She just didn't love him

When he looked at her
He saw it in her eyes
Then he knew
That she had lied

And now hes hurt
Because she left him for that
He was sad and angry
He wanted her back

But he knew he couldn't
So he had to decide
To take her back
Or be tossed outside

So that night
When she went to sleep
He chose to take her back
Even It was just a piece

He crawled up on the bed
And watched her dream
All the way till she woke up
And began to scream

And when she did
He glanced in her eyes
Then he cut out her tongue
Along with the lies

Now he's satisfied
With what he has done
And jumps off the bed
Carrying the little girls tongue

Back to the toy chest
With the other forgotten friends
To sit and sleep
Until his broken heart mends

And he forgives her lies
And hopefully she'll forgive him too
And one day she comes back
"I'm sorry teddy. I love you"


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by HollywoodSmile

    This just made me cry. I love it. I absolutely love the image youve created here, with the innocent teddy and almost justifying everything he does, and still in the end he believes the girl will come back. Thats really beautiful, in a sick way.

  • 10 years ago

    by HollywoodSmile

    Im glad yo had me read this, its excellent. no idea what else to say. its very good.


  • 10 years ago

    by Jessica

    Well this was certainly dark haha. it had me cracking up to be honest, a very good poem though. great imagination lol, i would've never thought of something like this.