by resisting reason   Sep 28, 2008

My world is falling apart around me
All my friends are going away
Except for one
Who chooses to stay

But how long that will last
I don't know
She hates it here
And she wants to go

Back to where she came from
She wants to go home
And when she's gone
I'll be all alone

Ill still have the phone
But I don't think I'd care
Because being alone
Is a lot to bare

I know that I should understand
Try to see things through her eyes
She left her family, her friends
But now its my turn to say goodbye

And so I will
"peace out, later"
But no matter how upset I get
Its impossible to hate her

Even though I feel ditched
Like she just didn"t think of me
When she left
She didn't see

Or didn't care
About the tears that are welling up
As it was just me, and just her
No longer us


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