It Took the Death of Hope to Let You Go.

by Cooper   Sep 29, 2008

Like the aimless dawn
that breathes lightly on a haunting illustration,
she practically raises the dead
when both lips
feed on the snakes in my lungs.

The trees are white,
bleeding, and lying under them
my mouth wide open
for the hatred from the sky;
the sword sheathed in my spine to satisfy,
not even the Devil's sweetest who*re.

Made of clouds,
soft but faded in my stitched fingers;
my hopes, as ghosts,
like a child with a sheet and scissors
both stained with blood.

I'm invisible now
with these freshly cleaned sheets,
and a pair of scissors in my eyes,
pushing further, make me see Jesus
handcuffed by lies.
There were clock stories once
where I flew on fifteen wings (uneven)
over passing Autumns tormented like winter,
looking for her lilacs, spread upon the exposed layers ...

... With the zombie over my face
all seems decayed,
but even a mask will decompose,
and with the scissors in my heart, instead,
I see all in more than the colour red.


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by i care about him

    Wow... that made me speechless. that is DEFINATELY one of my favorite poems. great title, amazing word choice. i love your poem and keep up the wonderful work :) 5/5

  • 15 years ago

    by Nix

    First stanza took my breath away with each word. Wow! Your ideas are priceless.
    I also like ending lines of second stanza, very remarkable in my opinion.
    All in all I am impressed by your writings, they are all so original and honestly I can't describe how much I enjoy in atmosphere, imagery and inspiration that you work simply creates.
    You should be proud on your talent!