All that i have got

by Shellaine shelli   Oct 14, 2008

broken inside
given up from all the tears you've cried
and killed.

drugs are what put you there,
in a cold hard cell
having no one who you could tell.

getting into fights in this cold hard cave
continuing with the substance that lead
you straight to your grave.

i tried to be there for you
but had my own battle to face
but i blame myself for your death each and everyday.

maybe if i had of listened more,
maybe if we were closer when i was small,
I'm growing up now and oh how i need you so,
My darling Brett, i can never let go.

you were arrested 5 times
until drugs stole your life
and now all that is left is a million unanswered questions.

i loved you then and still love you now.,
i remember the first night that you came home.
no matter how many people were around you,
you always felt so alone.

you could have gone on to be so much more
you got involved in all the wrong things
but now you are my angel with the broken wings.

drugs were what broke you,
destroying you day by day
all the good in life just started to fade away
until the night that you died,
drugs were the murderer
that stole your life
at the tender age of 20
this was something you did not deserve,
i will love you no matter what
and now my tattoos dedicate to you are all that i have got.

***RIP Brett, i will always love you and you will always be my brother****


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  • 11 years ago

    by 1Mistake

    Well thanks so much for the comment you left me! <3
    Girl. That was a heart felt poem. I just cried reading that! that was really great. See.. that touched me because my sister Crystal is in prision right now for drugs... now I know that .. she's still alive and I am so sorry for you loss... but I think God was good to her because if she hadn't been put in jail I think she would be dead right now... and it seems like everyone in my family turns to drugs I lost a cuz at the age of 20 from drugs too.. but I can kinda see where your coming from so I wanted you to know that that poem was amazing and I LOVE how you write!!!

  • 11 years ago

    by real eyes realize real lies

    OOH wow so deep, gave me chill's . I always love reading your poems they are so real and not some thing that you dont feel. You write from the heart keep it up girl.


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