Mona Lisa - A Secret

by Bhavin   Nov 21, 2008

Centuries pass away, a mystery prevails
Hidden behind the smile, angst and travails
A temptress garnished, as an apparel on wall
Confounding onlookers, enthralling all.

Charismatic inviting face, to falsify the preys
Sitting standstill, putting million heartbeats on race
Plying out mystic eyes, as a drape to cover
Concealing a hidden secret of an admirer, a lover

A wife, a flame, a mistress, a myth or a fact
Question left unanswered, the secret remains intact
A hag foreseeing a doom or a damsel in distress
Revealing the real her, with futile attempts endless.

Asking timeworn questions, through the sound of silence
Compelling the admirer, to lose out his sense.
Cryptic puzzles hiding, the reason behind the genesis
The mystery remains unsolved, she blows a final kiss.


The idea for this poem came while watching the painting of Mona Lisa. Just a bit about this poem:

Mona Lisa is the famous painting created by the great Leonardo da Vinci. Centuries ago, the grandmaster created her with a mystery to be solved. The most common mystery that remains unanswered is about her smile that seems to hide her agony. The seductress hangs decoratively on the wall like an ormament. Her portrait hexes the people who look at her and admire her.

Her face influences a lot of people as a hunter lures a prey. She sits out lifeless but millions of heartbeats race who cherish her. Her magnetic and mystical eyes look like a curtain which conceals the secret relationship between her and da Vinci.

Since centuries, different myths have been heard about her identity. Some say that she was da Vinci's wife, some say she was the love of his life and rest tried to malign her by calling her a mistress. Some mistook her to be a witch who practised occult and foresee doom while others felt she was just a damsel in distress. Inspite of all explanations, her real identity still remains a mystery.

Her silent portrait and her smile asks the question to those who have seen her, like she has done since centuries. She compels the looker to find out her real identity and the reason behind her creation. Knowing that it will never be solved she bids adieu to her admirer.

(Personally I feel that the smile on her face indicates her triumph over keeping the centuries old secret intact.)


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Ingrid de Klerck

    How very beautiful:)
    I can see you really thought this one out.
    Good usage of words and good rhyming...indeed worthy of a 5/5!
    Nice how you added the story behind it as well:)



  • 13 years ago

    by kelleyana

    This is absolutely beautiful, filled with vivid imaginations. You are very talented and you shows this in your writing styles, keep it up, kel.