Come out and play

by Alleycat   Dec 13, 2008

I hear him knocking,
I feel him stalking.
I see him creeping,
I know he is sleeping.
I know he is coming,
I can hear him humming.
"Come out and play, You know I'm here to stay"
I hear all the sound die,
I feel myself start to cry.
*The sound goes on*
"I'm going to grab a knife, That is what I will use to take your life!"
I know that voice,
I think I have to make a choice.
"Ripping your soul apart in the dark, I hope this whole thing will start a spark"
I hear the sound getting nearer,
I hold every last second even dearer.
I feel the knocking on the door,
I sit there waiting to see what I have in store.
"I will leave your blood everywhere in this house, But I will sneak around being as quiet as a mouse."
I see the door creeping open,
I know I will leave this world with words unspoken.


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