by Alleycat   Jan 10, 2018

I feel broken and weak from those in my past,
getting caught in love that will never last.
Investing my all to a person unworthy,
a person who ends up hurting me absurdly.
Leaving me like so many before,
only one of which left me wanting for more.
My walls have been built too high to withstand,
as it all turns out being planned.
Get what you want then never look back,
just as my walls have started to crack.
Now it is time to build them up higher,
never again letting in to my desire.
Being in love and it never being returned,
for once I wish I wouldn't get burned.
A man who will prove me right in my trust,
not a boy only pursuing Lust.
Taking my hand and building me higher,
making me feel safe giving into my desire.
The want to be loved, cherished and trusted,
not just some object to be lusted.
A man to help my walls fall and tumble,
but would not leave my heart to crumble.
Instead he would make my heart beat stronger,
because he is the one who will always love me longer.


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  • 5 months ago

    by Ben

    Very nice poem :)