Once more

by Alleycat   Apr 19, 2020

Once more he leans forward ever so slight
He was once the source of my endless light

Raising his hand to place on my heart
The same rapid beat from the very start

Getting caught in the storm lurking in his eyes
This helpless feeling I truly despise

I thought I had shut the door to my past
Knowing those good times would never last

But the winds are charming and pull me back in
As his hand dances to lift up my chin

The breeze grows hotter as he grabs me tight
I cannot resist him or put up a fight

Feeling his breath caressing my ear
Letting go of inhibitions is my biggest fear

Pushing me down as he grabs my hips
His gentle touch teasing my lips

The thorns of chaos dig in so deep
I cannot help but think of him as I go to sleep

Sweet and pleasant dreams they may be
There is no reason to wait and see

The path that lies ahead has been traveled before
We both know the pain we would have in store


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  • 5 months ago

    by Ben

    Lovely poem :)

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