by Alleycat   Dec 30, 2008

Forgetting your face,
It will be gone with no trace.

Forgetting out time together,
I knew happieness doesn't last forever.

Forgetting your voice,
I know this will all be a really stupid choice.

Forgetting all the tears,
And getting rid of all my fears.

Forgetting all the pain,
Or just looking at it as a gain.

Forgetting out first kiss,
The only moment I might truely miss.

Forgetting how I really feel,
Trying to give my heart a chance to heal.

Forgetting all the times we chilled,
I gave up on the relationship I wanted to rebuild.

Forgetting about the call,
Getting rid of everything Big or small.

My heart has no more room to cry,
This is my final goodbye.


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