I died today and never rose again...

by Shellaine shelli   Jan 4, 2009

I died today,
i rose tomorrow,
my heart was pierced by the pain and sorrow.
i cant let go of the truth,
its a battle which i am going to lose,
no matter what i choose to do
it always somehow comes back to you,
you destroyed me,
you destroyed it all,
you simply sat there and watched me fall...
you could have saved me but you chose to let
me slip away
and watch me burn in my self inflicted hell each day.
sorrow took over and darkness became my friend.
i pain filled little girl,
doomed until the end.
if only you could see the truth in the pain which i face,
if only the torment you implemented on me
could be erased...
i died today and never rose again,
this was the day
that my life came to an abrupt end...


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