Before I Was Hurt

by Faithless Watermelon   Jan 9, 2009

Sitting on a broken wall with an empty heart
In front of a bright and dulcet moon
He begins to paint the sky with morose art
But the moon just can't sway or swoon
Just like she used to do before he was hurt

Luna can't help but turn her back
On the little boy who just wants to talk
She just couldn't cut him any slack
Just broke the love and took a walk..
Just like he said he would do before he was hurt

He sits out in the pouring rain
So that he's not alone when he cries
And he tries not to show the pain
At least not to so many judging eyes
Just like she never was before he was hurt

I stayed up all night and didn't wonder
All I knew is that I could not save a life


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