Of Lungs Black, Abigail #2

by Cooper   Jan 13, 2009

I pondered,
over dearest Abigail
of sunlit smiles
and bloody kisses,
I pondered
of ever Abigail
time feels reversed ...

My name is "dead",
a zombie
oh ever Abigail
a throat slit
fingers burning in fires unlit;
dying? No, I am dead.

once lay in flowers of white
and kissed,
like angels
a myriad of lust,
oh, sweet seraphic Abigail,
when she kissed her own veins
with razor lips
and rained a life of sorrows into my throat.

Serpents would slither
from my eyes,
for tears are for man,
and I am death,
reaping thunderstorms
for Abigail dead;

I cry forever,
for the ever, that is never ...

Oh dearest Abigail,
I am beside you,
together like dark and light,
a love black and white ...

Oh vampyric Abigail,
from your floating castles
I fall,
to the oceans red,
to the world upon which you bled;
I loved you for what was true,
and you died for what you never knew ...

*** http://www.best-love-poems.com/poems.php?id=1017198 ... the first Abigail poem ***


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  • 15 years ago

    by NyellMoonlight

    Wow... Breathtaking.

    I have the part one in the favorites, and I re-read it several times since you posted it, and this is a powerful continuation of it indeed. I really cannot express how much I like every line of this piece. It's flawless, utterly brilliant and filled with superb images.
    I like your choice of words throughout the poem. Your ability to paint such vivid pictures within every stanza always amazes me.
    This is definitely my new favorite from you.
    I can't highlight one favorite part/stanza because every one of them is simply astonishing. Your love poems are deep and creative at the same time, and this one is not an exception. I love it.

    Keep up :)