My Wings Open Wide

by danie   Jan 16, 2009

Flying above the desert sands,
feeling the heat and the sting from the wind
that stirs this lust.

The war has driven us all mad,
driving us to extinction,
yet there you stand,
proud and defiant to the end.

Flying above the desert sands,
feeling the heat emanating from your body,
it draws me yet you elude my every glance.

You walk proud and defiant,
fighting to the end,
in your mind... all you cry
is for someone to come rescue you soon...
When shall they come?

Flying above the desert sands,
I am watching you,
gliding on black and purple wings,
I am there.

You elude me at every turn,
yet glance back to see if I follow...
why do you taunt me so?

I lust for your blood,
the copper tang that is unmistakable...
the sweet taste filling my mouth,
and it's so remarkable...

Come hither,
let my wings open wide around thee,
taste my sweet perfume riding the air,
and quit eluding me...

Flying above the desert sands,
with my wings open wide...
you have stopped and waited one too many times...
and i shall have caught you in my grasp...

The sun beats down on this cold world,
and the hawk flies above the sands,
watching the angel that has fallen from grace,
just to take a taste...
of your lips that you have called her name with.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Armada the Gestalt

    Ahaaaa, I like this one a lot.

    BUT. 'Quit'. Biiig big no-no! It completely sticks out. Stop would do. 'Quit' is quite collquial, and the rest of the poem is suitably distant and aloof. Only one word though, don't fret.

    But yes, not much else I can pick out. Part of me wants to know a little more, actually, is it about a character, or simply an idea?

    This avian menace quite intrigues me, not so much the unfortunate angeless.