In Front of this Screen

by danie   Jan 30, 2009

Sitting here late at night
and all i can do is look at this keyboard
typing my soul onto a faceless screen and with no voice

i look at the clock and sigh
knowing you won't be thinking of me
knowing that all my thoughts are filled of pictures of you
and clips of your voice saying my name
knowing that it is all in vain...

so here i sit,
broken hearted
tender hearted when thinking of you
and i want to cry
knowing that it won't fix a single thing

even my best friend can't heal this void

this void that you left when you forsook me
leaving me breathless,
with no shame
i want to run to you
knowing that you will hug me
and perhaps kiss me
perhaps kiss my forehead
and whisper that you understand
that you understand that this pain is deep
and that the wound still weeps

hopefully this needle and thread that is sitting next to me
will stitch me up, so let us see...

needle and thread
blue thread, purple thread
the red that i may never see

the blood that wells up,
the scar tissue sure to form
i hope that it's a mockery of your heart
the heart that you so carelessly threw me out of

so i will call on my inner strength
and i shall sew myself shut

my heart no longer weeps
but the scar tissue sure hasn't formed yet
so with this newly closed wound
i write
i cry on paper

i sit in front of this faceless screen
with no voice i cry out
can you hear my wordless cry?
my muteness above the music?
i hope to gods not

so in front of this screen i sit
and i pray to sleep
i pray for closure at the end of this day
knowing it isn't there just yet
knowing i have a long path ahead of me....

i am done with thee.


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