The Face I Long To See Next To Me

by danie   Jan 8, 2009

Your eyes haunt me in my dreams
following my every move...
yet you never say my name
preferring to fight the pain.

i don't see through your face
the facade that you put up every day
yet here i stand proud and defiant
wanting you with my very core
my inner being.

i stand proud
i stand without you
this pain inside drives me crazy
yet i still hold on
wishing for a chance
not understanding why
my tenacity holds my sanity by a thread.

pale skin marked by years
scarred by grievances not yet yours
paid in flesh and blood.

i've the spirit scars and the physical
and you have also
but that isn't wat binds us
do you know what binds us so close to feel this way?

looking into a mirror
i see no reflection
drained of feelings
i look upon myself and i see.... a heart aching


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  • 12 years ago

    by Beautiful Chaos

    You had me up until your last 2 stanzas. It was a very nice heart felt write, you had some very nice word choice and emotion, you could feel the strength and longing. With a bit of revision it could be excellent. Nice work.