There You Are

by danie   Jan 16, 2009

I look at you...
Every day I watch you,
I watch you watch me,

And i think of what it would be like to feel you...
to hold you...
to touch your face as you say you love me,
And my heart crashes...

My heart pounds when i think of you
and when i look at you...
Every thought is almost as if it's new,
just because it pertains to you

To you, my love
my only,
my darling,
my love

And yet.... darkness persists.

I know what is happening,
Yet I am still happy
Because here i sit, watching you yet again
and it's better than anything i could do...
But the look on your face when you look at me is...

So here i am.

There you are.

I love you dearest, and i shall be here,
No matter where you go, or try to walk
Just say my name, utter a breath
I am there.

I love you, mi amor


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