by Shellaine shelli   Feb 28, 2009

Find a safe place in my heart
life is vicious,
life is cold,
you try to cover it up
but you just don't understand...

through it all,
no one ever knew
its the price you have to pay,
its the regret of a brand new day.

Its the tidlewaves of remorse and shame,
its the burning sensation
of ongoing hate.
try and tell me you don't care
just go ahead and act like I was never there.

death touched my lips,
it was sealed with a crimson kiss
as oceans of blood
drown my soul,
seas of tears lead me straight to hell.

my tears were what drowned me,
i was drowned by the tears of all my worst fears
but still you didn't understand.

now the secret of a sick twisted addiction is out
so i stand in the silence of serenity
wishing i could be free,
trying to scream
and waking up to realize
reality is nothing but a dream,
a surreal wonderland of which
no one could ever understand.


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