You Effect All Of My Senses

by ABake   May 5, 2009

I can't hear much of anything these days, but I can always hear his beautiful voice singing to me. I am laying awfully close to him for the large sized bed we are in- Personally I think its abnormal for me to be too far away from him. My eyes are closed and he's switched songs again; Dear God, help me gain my composure.

Looking around is common for most, but having select seeing isn't. I see what I want and that is mostly the most beautiful smile that stands out from the boring ones in the crowd. Or the eyes as dark as chocolate that show me the world in a different view- I see the stars when we lay on the ground and use the sky as a blanket, I see the grass when we play tag and he ends up on the ground. Like I said, its selective seeing.

There are millions of different cologne brands, different scents of perfume, thousands of smells that flow through the air. While I still smell them, I can always tell when he has entered the room. He carries an amazing and quite addictive aroma if I do say so myself- it captures my senses and I long for him to be near me. But I can't really blame it on his cologne, he does that to me regularly.

I lay my hands on different surfaces and they all feel different. Some are smooth, some are rough, cold and hot, so much more. But none feel quite like his skin; his soft and delicate skin when it briefly brushes mine and sends chills down my spine. Or his lips, when they touch any part of my body. Whether it be my cheek, forehead, hand, arm, or lips, it puts me into shock.

His love effects all of my senses; I don't think there is a cure for what he does to me. The littlest movement of his hand and the smiles and chills spread like a wildfire. Don't worry, there will be no water needed. This fire can burn as long as it will; so baby, keep singing to me. My eyes are wide open and all I see is you, I feel everything around me but your touch is the strongest.


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