by cowgirlstar26   Jun 10, 2009

I did everything I could
Tried to bring you back to life
Taking bullets for the one I loved once
Hoping, praying you'd be revived

I changed who I was
To stay the girl you loved
I lied to myself, and you
It would never be enough

Hello was hard to say
Goodbye was too easy
We were never perfect,
but, letting go was agony

I knew who you could be
And you let it all go
Loving and hating you for this
But the hate was just a show

You took the good part of me
Leaving me here, broken
No hope left for my heart
Too many words unspoken

I'm falling apart in your arms
You can't hold me together
Just lay me down here
Leave me with the word forever


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  • 10 years ago

    by Gness

    What ever happened to forever and ever? This must have stung so long and propably still does but you wrote a work of art out of it sweet job.