Ruptured Soul

by MissSideways   Nov 26, 2009

That sobbing that cracks the soul
that shakes you from the inside out
that doesn't make a noise, but reverberates in your shattering soul
that tastes like the end & the memories to be forgotten
that stings but makes the pain slowly ebb away like a fading ember
that makes you reconsider what you're doing, but still keeps you driving on
that wells over the top; overflowing, uncontainable, inconsolable, uncontrollable
that feels dehydrating & nourishing at the same time
that makes the sorry you have stuttered a genuine apology
that contradicts the feelings you say you feel
that force the truth to run & look for shelter
that stain your pillows, drowning their comforting fibers & drowning you too
that closes you off the world you always wanted & all of its possibilities
that tells you: the rain is here

But you WILL see the sun again.


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