God's Waiting Room - By Dani Fitch

by MissSideways   Feb 17, 2012

Within these walls of life & death
Some breathe their first or final breath

A humbled soul presents their plight
If not for long, perhaps the night

Within these cold & silent rooms
An old fatigue covertly looms

A shaking hand or worn in part
Infection, C-section or broken heart

Within these bright & endless halls
A life begins, another stalls

A yawn, a groan, a final tear
The one way ticket out of here

Within this clock that ticks too slow
A life would reap just what it sew

A quickened pulse or stifled cry
A final silent bid goodbye

Within this place of buoyant hope
An underdog works up the slope

A secret soldier, an unsung story
You seek no praise or spoken glory

You push your feet from ward to ward
Yield chart & pen like Arthur's sword

Your wearied souls that know no rest
For God's not ready for this guest.


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  • 9 years ago

    by christopher

    Great poem well done love the rhyming and feeling you captured in this wonderful poem thank your for sharing this experience.