Lost in our Dark

by MissSideways   Sep 8, 2011

Whispers soft, they don't make sense
Mismatched words in my mind
A Dream playing backwards
Like a tape stuck in rewind

Remorse over a death I didn't cause
But the guilt rides none-the-less
I scrub at sheets I didn't stain
Whose warmth I didn't bless

Photos linger in my heart
Your face is dark & blurred
I yelled for you, I called you back
I guess you never heard

Hands held tight, I try hold on
Your memory softly lingers
I feel your essence slip away
Like sand slips through my fingers

This fear devours my courage
This mountain feels too high
Even with the wind beneath my feet
I've forgotten how it feels to fly

He loves me so, I hide inside
At night I'd quietly weep
How could I give a soul away
That was always yours to keep?

I've lost the track along the way
I'm in the woods alone
I've walked too far from where you are
To know which way is home


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