The Reality of Gravity

by MissSideways   Sep 8, 2011

For a moment in time,
it feels like I am flying.

The ground is missing from beneath my feet.
The clouds swirling around my head.
The wind blowing softly through my hair.

I spread my arms out wide.
Somehow I feel like everything is going to be okay,
as long as I am here in my nest of clouds and air.

But before I hit the ground to meet my tragic end,
I realise;
no matter how high you get,
how up in the air and lifted you feel,
gravity will always bring you back down.

Life is like a brick,
and like the law of physics,
there will always be that gravitational tug,
a fall,
an end.

I just wish I had someone strong enough to hold me up against the universal force I fight so hard to resist.


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