Embracing once again

by Bleeding_Red_Fallen_Angel   Dec 16, 2009

These past few days
Might not seem like much
But in so many ways
I appreciate your touch

Seeing your face
For the first time
Made my heart race
And my soul chime

With each rythem
The beating grew
With all the thoughts
Of holding you

It seems like ages
Since I seen the beauty of your face
Oh how good it feels
The touch of your sweet embrace

Being away from you
Was the hardest thing for me
Cause all I saw was our future
Slipping from what should be

I want to be with you
And live out the life we planned
Holding onto this string
Only for it to become a band

Embracing both our souls
Intwined in one
I'll be there to cheer for you
Having so much fun

I write to you in hopes
Of seeing the future we can have
I love you so much


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