by Bleeding_Red_Fallen_Angel   Feb 17, 2007

What's the difference of black and white
If only seen as a color
There is no need to fight

Don't take your hate
Out on me
Because your just as beautiful
As I've come to see

The look in your eyes
Speaks of sadness from hate
No one to look up to
Or appreciate

Left alone
Such a silly thing color is
When it comes between the people
..Its just time to let go...

I hold no prejudice
I hold no pride
You I've come to love
And that I shall not hide

For those around maybe blind
To your beautiful spirit
But racism is a crime
And I cant stand to hear it

For my ears are virgin
To that hateful word
I care not to hear of it
Because of things I've heard

Such hateful things to be said
Of things all in the past
Its time to let go
And finally move on at last

Come to see the beauty
In all of the people
Hold no thought against
And be free with your mind

For the beauty found in those around
Its much better than your pride
And well worth the turn
In which you and I collide


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