Forever in love with you..

by Bleeding_Red_Fallen_Angel   Oct 19, 2006

Crazy in love
Only with you
The stars up above
Must see what I go through

When your around my heart beats faster
Nothing could be better
Then holding you in my arms
And putting my lips upon your cheek

Gently I kiss the sweet face of my lover
And yes, I say he's you
I never want to leave your side
For I have nothing better to do

I will never leave you
I shall never break your heart
For I know it is a fragile thing
And in my hands it will never fall apart

I'll cherish it forever
And keep it close to me
For that is where I want it
And know it should be

For I cant be without you
I cant stand to hear you sad
My heart aches with yours
And in turn I feel so bad..

I know that you love me
Like no other has
You make me feel the world's in my hands
And I don't ever want that to pass..

You give me everything I need
The feelings I desire
All the love from your heart bleeds
And that I truly admire

I love you more than I can express
This poem's not near enough
Baby I need you all my life
I'll be with you when times get rough

No matter what I'm always here
I'll be there through the pain
I'll wash away your tears
And cut out all the rain..

I'll make you smile
And laugh like you never have
I'll give you all the love in my heart
And everything you need
I'll give you love that's true
And kisses from me to you..

I'll give you love that's pure
Coming straight from my heart
I'm reaching out to you
And forever we're to stand
Together you and me
Grab a hold of my hand..

I love you more than words can say
My thoughts of you never taken away

To the love of my life and the man I want to be with forever...I knew he'd come back for me...


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