The torment of pain

by Bleeding_Red_Fallen_Angel   Sep 20, 2007

I've seen many of the same old words
The I love you
The famous ones
But truthfully not many mean
The one true thing
That must be seen

They say words speak louder
And that I can attest to
But passion is also to be shown
For one mustn't feel so alone

Cold night crying
Left on the floor
Solemnly dying
Can't take much more

This broken heart bleeding
No one to be seen
As there's no healing
And no blood to be cleaned..

Stains on the floor
You know I'm weeping
Looking for more
My heart continues screaming

I love the pain off
Of which this heart feeds
So dearly I yearn
For the blood that it needs

So cut this vain
And watch it poor
Continue it must
Till hitting the door

But suddenly it stops
Hiding from the hall
No one must see
So I'm blocked inside these walls

Tears stream down
And continue they must
Left all alone
Due to lack of trust

Looking in the mirror
Only horror to be seen
The demon I've created
And suddenly become so mean

I've fallen so low
How could this be?
I should have seen in coming
But I was to blind to see

The hatred burning inside these eyes
Insists on yearning
For unheard cries.

This heart continues to bleed
Bleed only for you
But seemingly so
That's nothing to be new.

*Not about me. Just something that came to me.*


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