The Devils Grip

by Alleycat   Dec 16, 2009

My soul was in the devils hold,
And I saw the world so dim and cold.
Until he opened his heart to me,
He broke the lock and set me free.

I welcome him into my life,
And I will become his loving wife.
I wrapped it up and gave him my heart,
Hoping that we never be torn apart.

When I cry he wipes me tears,
And he gets rid of all my fears.
He held he close so tight and warm,
Feeling he could save me from a storm.

My heart was split in a new direction,
But he took my heart and made a correction.
Now my heart will forever be his,
Because my love was never a quiz.

His pain is now my burden to carry,
But my love for him will never bury.
My love for him is ever so deep,
Even after I fall into eternal sleep.


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