by XxBrokenInsidexX   Dec 17, 2009

You can hear the glass break,
Her blood curtailing scream..
Her pain is eating at her,
She is tearing from the seams.

He left her,
Not a single word said.
Confused in misery,
She rather be dead..

Her head is pounding,
Her heart a torn ache.
She cant take it,
Her sanity is about to break..

She tosses and turns,
Grabs at her chest.
She can hardly breathe,
This is heartbreak at its best..

She throws another glass,
Just to hear the noise.
The silence screams the truth,
She is trying so hard to avoid..

Her hands are cut and torn,
Her heart lay on the floor.
She screams,
Her sanity blown out the door..

She has completely lost it,
Her body lay cold and empty.
She lets the silence take her last breath,
...The pain has gotten the best of me....


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  • 11 years ago

    by Chelsea

    I love this.. gawd.. i know exactly how it feels.. been feeling it for 3 yrs after i gave my virginity to my ex and he left me for his ex but continued to come back.. it nearly killed me. "love kills"
    awesome poem.