Why Cant I love Him ...

by XxBrokenInsidexX   Oct 28, 2009

He loves me
I can see it in his eyes
I wish I did too
But my heart wont let me lie..

He holds on to the hope
That'll ill soon see what he has to offer
But my eyes are clear
They always were...

I hug him each morning..
Never wanting to lose his touch
I'm being selfish
I'm hurting him so much

I hate it,
Because for me he would give the world
I want to so bad
But my heart wont let me his girl

I want to make his pain stop
To hold him like he dreams
Its hard because I cant..
I'm ripping him apart at the seams..

I feel his heart crack
Every time I have to go
His pain hurts me too
Probably more than he will ever know

He loves me
Everyone can see it
I want my heart to feel it too
But it wont commit..

So I'm saying to you
That this is my apology
I wont hurt you anymore
..I'm so sorry

I wont be selfish any longer
I wont let you suffer
I do love you
In some way or another...

Forgive me..for not being able
I want to
My heart is so stubborn
It wont listen like my mind will do..

He loves me
I can see it in his eyes
I wish I did too
But my heart wont let me lie..


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by HillaryNicole

    Loved it! Definitely got your point across and beautifully written. Transitions couldnt have been smoother. And your words couldnt have made more sense.

  • 11 years ago

    by Kurt

    This poem is definately heartfelt and emotional. It really does put strain on both people involved. I have been 'that boy' who fell head over heels for someone and had them admit that though they 'like' me they just can't commit to a relationship. It is a tough and difficult situation. This poem does a wonderful job describing how it feels and what it is like.

    The rhythm and flow also fit together well to help the reader ease through the story. The seamlessness of the transitions between stanzas was creatively done and enjoyable. All in all this poem was quite well written. 5/5